Laudationes of Prof. Dr. Joan Hemels

Laudationes of Prof. Dr. Joan Hemels in name of the pro¬jectgroup EUROMEDIA on the 15th of July 2001 in Berlin at the European Media Manifestation 2001/Comenius Award 2001/
Annual Congress of the GPI
Multimedia and Internet for the multicultural education in Europe

Jan Kloekke Communicatie and Bob van der Meer
Bullying on the working place
(video, book and booklet)

During the last years the Dutch media pay hesitatingly attention to mobbing at work. Painful cases with often a tragic end are being made public.

Mobbing is defined as physical, psychological or sexual violence between people (children and adults). About bullying in school in 1998 questions were asked in Parliament (Second Chamber), so that the problem since then has become a political issue. The aim is a structural approach of the problem in schools and at work. A group has taken the initiative to form an European Expertiscentre for Safety.
The video consists of an integral conversation with Martin, a technical designer. He was during ten years mobbed by his colleagues. Notwithstanding a psychologist supported him, he became disabled and finally unemployed. His former employer has another vision on the situation. He sees it as a labour conflict which was getting out of hand. He was not interviewed. In writing he however declared that bullying was not the case, but that his former did not function well. Finally the employer, threatened his employer with death and was convicted.
This video is meant for managers, directors, trusted repre¬sentatives, divisions of personnel, members of the works 
c¬oun¬cil and of councils of employees participation. The book, the video and the booklet with advice for the use of the videotape can be used for groups and for individuals. For the use of the package outside the Netherlands translations should be made.
The multimedia packet about bullying at work is to be considered as a product with as regard pedagogics, content and composition is of outstanding quality.
The jury does not want to give a judgement about Martin's case. However she wants to express that bullying is a communal problem, which is not only applicable on children but also on adults. Concerning 'civil society' it is important to fight against bullying at work as a form of social exclusion in society. On behalf of the above mentioned reflections the jury has therefore awarded the Comenius-Förderpreis of the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information (GPI), the scientific Trade Group for Multimedia, Educational Technology and Media Didactics, to the outstanding video. 

Direction and interview: Bob van der Meer
Technical realisation     : Kloekke Communicatie

Source material:
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